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True Friends – Pet’s salon for dogs and cats in Marino.

With the advent of your family pet, be it a dog or cat, you have a duty to care for him, care about its health, to choose the right feeding, to monitor the animals coat.
Many breeds are subject to seasonal molt, wire-haired breeds need to be trimmed, long-haired breeds require daily brushing. All that they can’t do themselves. But for your friends who join us in the morning and escort throughout the day there a very good opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that you can give them.

In the right care for the animals our experienced staff of Pet salon for dogs and cats will always provide you help.


Pet Salon for dogs and cats – it’s convenient!

If you are too busy or simply do not have sufficient experience to care for coat in our Pet salon for dogs and cats are always happy to help. Any procedure are performed by skilled masters who have kynological education, dog owners, regularly participating in exhibitions and have many years experience in Pet salon. Also you can get in the salon professional advice on relevant issues.